Projects / I Love my County

Photo-contest “I Love my County” was first run in 2016. Contest is held on-line, through the official Facebook page of Croatian County Association. 

Our main goal was awaking awareness of regional identity and encouraging Croatian citizens to promote their Counties. We have encouraged amateur and professional photographers to capture beauty of regions they live in and to make it visible for wider community by sharing these photos on the Internet. 

What is special is that each year Jury of Experts selects three best photographs. These photographs as well as a photo that receives most on-line voices are awarded. 

Besides on our official Facebook page, best photographs are uploaded on the Instagram profile “Volimsvojuzupaniju” and marked with hashtags #volimsvojuzupaniju. 

In addition, Jury of Experts selects a best photo from each County. These photographs become part of our “traveling exhibition”. So far, exhibition has visited Šibenik, Zadar, Karlovar, Rijeka, Sisak, Tuhelj and Zagreb.